Helping Individuals Achieve Online Business Success!


Do you have a great business idea but need help and support turning it into a money-making real business? Would you like to be guided every step of the way without complicated jargon or business systems that only rocket scientists will understand?

“The Smart Start Entrepreneurs program offers training and services to help entrepreneurs get started on their business ventures.

Based on the Award-winning Business Start-up Program created by Knowledge Plus, which was used to successfully help and support over 500 small businesses, this step-by-step complete business program is perfect for start-ups and early-stage businesses.

Regardless of your current experience and work situation, if you want to start your own business, we have the solution to help you achieve success in your business.


Self-Paced Online Start-Up

Get exclusive access to our membership portal consisting of over 100 step-by-step training videos.  It also includes in downloadable e-books, business tips and tricks, cheat-sheets, mind-maps, private right contents and copy and pasted resources.   This online self-paced training covers everything you will need to get your business off the ground.


Guide Workshop Start-Up

This Guided Workshop Start-Up option gives you that extra help, direction and guidance to kick start your business easily and quickly. The intensive 12 instructor led workshops comes with all the benefits of the Self-Paced Online Start-Up giving you access to our exclusive membership portal consisting of step by step video tutorials, e-books, business tips and tricks, cheat-sheets, mind-maps, private label content and plenty of resources you can simply copy and pasted for your business.


Youth Entrepreneur

Geared towards young people 13-18 years old, the Youth Entrepreneur Start Up program provides in-depth training in the areas of Goal Setting, Time Management, Business Planning, Business Set-up, Sales and Marketing and Business Process Automation.  This unique 48 instructor led workshops run only on weekends and during school holidays. All participants receive 12 months of support during their first year of starting up.


Are you looking to grow your existing business?

Our team at Knowledge Plus offers a one-stop shop for all the marketing services you will need to grow your business at affordable prices.

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“Why Knowledge Plus”

We have been providing customised quality training and services to small to medium size businesses since 2003.

We take pride in delivery the highest quality work and will continue to make adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

We have won numerous National and State Awards in recognition of our excellence in service and contribution to the Small Business Industry.

We are known as a trusted provider by the Australian Government for providing support to start-ups and small businesses.

“Check out what others are saying about us!”

I just want to say that this company is very trustworthy and provides all the things they have promised. Their customer service outstanding and they seem to show that they really cared. I did the social media training with them and they went out of their way to helped me get my computer sorted so that I can take the training online which I think is beyond good customer service, its extra-ordinary service!



I took a few of the courses offered with the intention of starting my own consulting business. Once my business was setup, I went online to search for marketing vacancies. My idea was to try and convince the employers to engage my services instead and benefit from all the savings and increased productivity compared to hiring a staff. But somehow the skills I had learnt led me to being employed as a Marketing Manager which is fantastic because before this course I had formal education what soever. I am very thankful that I had taken the course.